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Opening dates of the hotels in Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Mexico

Everybody knows that all hotels in Mexico was closed since the end of March until 8th of June 2020 due to COVID-19 and now it takes time to have them open again. That's why now we have a schedule of dates of hotel's openings in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Quintana Roo tourism Minister Marisol Vanegas confirmed that hotels will not be able to open on June 1 as planned as part of plans to revive the state's economy, as he reported "Cancun is preparing to return to tourism activity in June As for the initiative to open its doors in a couple of weeks, as announced by hoteliers, Vanegas assured that " it is not possible, and it is not true that they can open, because it will not be determined by either the companies or the market; it will be the Federal and state government.”

What hotels can do, he said, is enter the training phase through a medical certification issued by the government of Quintana Roo, which will be voluntary. "The main goal is for companies to be ready to return to business on a date yet to be determined in June."

Since 8th of June, the Moon Palace Hotel in Cancun, Riu Peninsula hotel in Cancun and Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun have opened their doors. They really made a wonderful greetings to the first guests after 2 months break due to COVID-19.

On the 15.06.2020, the Grand Oasis Pyramid hotel in Cancun (well known for its Party hotel) also have opened his doors for the Guests.
Hotels are scheduled to open each week, so all hotels in Quintana Roo will be ready to receive their guests by July 15th. The best way to follow the opening of hotels is in Instargam on their official page, because they report the opening dates in their posts and answer all your questions.

When guests come to Cancun and Riviera Maya hotels they don't need to stay at quarantine, however it is recommended that you wear a mask in public and crowded areas of the hotel.

We will be very happy to see you in Mexico and will be ready to organize boat trips on yachts or fishing. Now the most reliable way to relax and social distance is to rent a yacht and spend time with your family or friends.
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