Client's reviews
Client's reviews
We pride ourselves in providing the best yacht experience in Cancun and Riviera Maya of Mexico to our clients. It's important to us that our clients are happy and satisfied with our yacht rentals in Cancun and Tulum. We always look for the ways to improve our team and the range of yachts we have. We follow the tourist market and new trends around the world, that's why we always have the best rental deals and offers for our customers.

To Our Dear Clients, Thank you very much for your positive reviews and photo/video reports. Thank you for your recommendations to your friends. We really appreciate it and are looking forward to seeing you on a boat in Cancun and Tulum again and again.

Plan any event with Us

Plan any upcoming event with us whether it's bachelorette yacht party in Cancun, wedding or anniversary or birthday celebration on a boat in Cancun. You will have an ultimate experience onboard our boats in Mexico.

Bachelorette Yacht Party in Cancun, Mexico

Bachelorette party on a boat in Cancun is a fantastic idea! Book a luxury yacht in Cancun, we will invite private chef on the yacht and will do a special decoration of the boat!

To be a bestie of the bride is not only the honor, it also a responsibility and pleasure. If the bride wants to have a bachelorette yacht party in Cancun, it's not a problem. We will help you with this! Make sure, you know what bride and her guests want to do it on a boat in Cancun. Ask her if she's wanting a party that's raunchy or if she'd rather keep things classy. Knowing which direction she'd like to go can help avoid awkward situations and make sure everyone has a good time. Let us know what you want, we will arrange the best bachelorette party on a yacht in Cancun!

Wedding on a boat in Cancun, Mexico

Wedding on a boat in Cancun, Mexico! What can be better? We have a big boats in Cancun for a big group of people.

A wedding on the water is symbolic. Some love the rich romance of the Caribbean Sea, others appreciate the deeper spiritual symbolism of the river. Marriage, like water, has an flow and ebb; a take and give. These elements can be woven into the ceremony giving it even more depth and meaning.
A nautical-inspired boat wedding venue provides you and your guests with a unique experience that you will never forget in your life. Surrounded by the sounds of clinking champagne glasses, music and laughter, you'll drift off into the sunset with those you love most.

Cancunboats T&T will be happy to arrange your wedding celebration on the yacht in Cancun. We have yachts up to 25 people and mega catamarans in Cancun up to 100 people.

Birthday on a Yacht in Cancun, Mexico

Throwing a Birthday party on a boat in Cancun is the best decision!

You don't need to wait for your 50th Birthday celebration to charter a yacht in Cancun! We offer you affordable prices to rent a boat in Cancun for your Birthday celebration. Birthday celebration on a yacht in Cancun is a brilliant idea! It's the best way to celebrate this occasion being surrounded by friends and family aboard a private luxury yacht!
We will arrange anything you need for your Birthday party on a yacht in Cancun! If you need a private chef onboard, let us know! We have The Best chef in Cancun. We can also set up the yacht with drinks you like. And of course, we will take care of birthday cake and decoration of the yacht in Cancun! If you have any special request, let us know!

Marry me on a yacht in Cancun with romantic dinner onboard of the yacht, isn't it a dream of your soulmate?
If you are looking for a unique and a special way to propose, marry me proposal on a yacht in Cancun, is the best idea! Definitely you will hear Yes!
We can take care of all the arrangements, so it will be a surprise! We will decorate a yacht with balloons or flowers of your choice, then romantic dinner onboard of the yacht will be waiting for you. Choose what you like better, whether it's seafood/meat or cheese platter served with a drink of your choice!
Just say Yes and we will take care of everything!
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